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Michigan Needs to Get Batteries Right
The problem that threatens to trip up the entire industry push toward electric vehicles is: How do we tackle the scale issue? asks Nathan Bomey. - 28-Jan-2009

Ricardo Offers Advanced Vehicle Expertise
Battery Systems Development Center provides complete vehicle systems integration for turnkey battery system development and application - 28-Jan-2009

Infiniti Reveals Hybrid Line-up Plans
First Infiniti Hybrid likely to be G35 and is expected to arrive in USA in 2010. - 28-Jan-2009

ZAP Debuts Alias Three-Wheel Electric Car in New Orleans
Company releases video of full-sized working prototype displayed at NADA conference. - 28-Jan-2009

Race of the Electric Car Charging Station Installers
Coulomb Technologies finds itself in competition with Bay-area neighbor Better Place. - 28-Jan-2009

Mitsubishi i MiEV Sport AIR Electric Concept Car to Debut in Geneva
Sport AIR electric car continues design theme first iterated in Tokyo in 2007. - 28-Jan-2009

Lithium Supplies Ample For Now, Potential Bottlenecks Ahead
Current economic downturn may delay needed lithium resource projects. - 29-Jan-2009

Senate Includes $2 Billion for Advanced Battery Funding in Economic Recovery Package
Official statement from the office of Senator Carl Levin, (D) Michigan. - 29-Jan-2009

Automakers Seek Profit in Electric-Car Batteries
Companies such as Toyota, Tesla, Daimler, and Nissan foresee large revenue in supplying electric-vehicle parts and technology - 29-Jan-2009

Thinking Green: A Way to Heal What We Have Destroyed
The Obama-Biden energy plan presages a hybrid revolution. - 29-Jan-2009