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This DIY Electric Vehicle Kit Won't Break the Bank
Part recumbent bike, part electric car, BugE falls weighs 350 pounds, gets about 30 miles per charge and tops out at 50 mph. - 27-Jan-2009

Opel Ampera Concept Car Mirrors Chevy Volt
Like the Volt, the Ampera will be a four-door hatch with four-seater capacity. - 27-Jan-2009

FERC Head Sees Need to Integrate Electric Cars into Power Grid
FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff embraces concept of vehicle-to-grid capabilities as way to utilize intermittent renewable energy. - 27-Jan-2009

China Will Subsidize Clean Vehicle Fleets
The trial scheme will promote the use of electric, hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles by public transport operators, taxi firms and postal and sanitary services - 27-Jan-2009

Smith Electric Van to Run of Recycled Waste
The electricity to power the all-electric van will be produced by the Huddersfield 'Energy from Waste' plant - 28-Jan-2009

Grid-Capable Electric Cars Can Reduce NOx Emissions
A PHEV fleet of only 15% light duty vehicles can decrease net NOx emissions, while V2G fleets can also reduce CO2 ad SO2, as well as NOx. - 28-Jan-2009

California's Energy Efficiency Push an Economic Boon
California has grown more prosperous and added jobs even as its citizens cut the amount of energy they use and the greenhouse gases they produce. - 28-Jan-2009

A Step Closer to California's Fuel Efficient Future
California may get its EPA waiver to tighten emissions standards. But higher gas taxes are needed too - 28-Jan-2009

Honda's Clarity: Motoring About LA On Hydrogen
Consumer Reports 'borrows' fuel cell-powered FCX Clarity for spin around Greater LA Basin. - 28-Jan-2009

Toyota Battery Recycling Effort 7 Years Old
The battery’s copper, bronze and plastic wires are recycled locally while circuit boards and battery elements are exported for recycling. - 28-Jan-2009