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Low Carbon Vehicle Funding Part of £6 Billion UK Transport Package
The £250 million has been committed for consumer incentives and infrastructure development - 24-Jan-2009

Will New Age of Rail Supplant Age of Flight?
New high-speed rail lines all over Europe are giving airlines serious competition. - 24-Jan-2009

Michigan Lawmakers Ask Obama for Another $25 Billion
The Michigan congressional delegation is also seeking $4 billion for development of advanced batteries and battery systems. - 24-Jan-2009

The Future of the NiMH Battery
Resource guru Jack Lifton looks at the prospects for this respected battery chemistry and the rare earths that make it feasible. - 24-Jan-2009

Aluminum Clusters Could Prove New Way to Make Hydrogen from Water
The ability to produce hydrogen at room temperature is significant because it means that we did not use any heat or energy to trigger the reaction. - 24-Jan-2009

BYD: 'Our Batteries Are the Best' ... Their Cars Will Follow
A Chinese car maker promising affordable, gas-free driving stakes its claim at the Detroit Auto Show. But it still has something to learn about presentation. - 24-Jan-2009

Bob Lutz: Gov't Regs Are Odds with Consumer Desires
American buyers usually choose the largest vehicle they can afford from a fuel standpoint. Breaking that habit is difficult, said Bob Lutz. - 24-Jan-2009

Detroit Bets Its Future on Washington
Boston Consulting Group found that extended-range, all-electric vehicles like the Volt will account for no more than 5% of the North American market by 2020. - 24-Jan-2009

Dealing With Realities of an Electric-Car Fleet
From standardizing the type of plug to reducing the charging time of an electric car, auto engineers face many challenges. - 24-Jan-2009

Tanfield Rumored in Electric Truck Deal with Ford
While Ford has officially announced electric version of Ford Transit Connect van, nothing official has been said about UK-based Tanfield's involvement. - 24-Jan-2009