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Ford's Plug-in Escape Hybrid is Fueled by Electricity
The PHEV Escape will run the first 40 miles after a full charge using no gas at all. - 23-Jan-2009

Could There Be a Battery Electric Car In Your Future?
A BEV is all that's needed for 90 percent of the weekly errands for most urban/suburban families. - 23-Jan-2009

China Drives Towards Electric Cars Despite Economic Turn-down
Over the last 10 years, China has spent nearly 2 billion yuan ($294 million U.S. dollars) developing cars using alternative energies. - 23-Jan-2009

Dueco Aquires Odyne PHEV Assets
The acquisition will allow Dueco to accelerate development and deployment of proprietary new hybrid technology for segments of the truck market. - 23-Jan-2009

Natural Resource Limitations Make Fuel Cell Cars Non-starters... For Now.
Resource commentator Jack Lifton says there's not enough platinum or palladium and other rare earth metals to make fuel cell cars affordable. - 23-Jan-2009

Lead-Carbon: Battery Game-Changer
John Peterson sees Axion Power's lead-carbon battery technology as superior to all other current chemistries. - 23-Jan-2009

Toyota Passes GM in Worldwide Sales
Toyota sold almost nine million vehicles in 2008, more than the 8.3 million sold by GM. - 23-Jan-2009

Electric Cars Will Need Major Gov't Support, Report Finds
In Europe alone, $49 billion will need to be invested in the vehicle technology, with an additional $21 billion for battery-charging infrastructure, BCG estimated. - 23-Jan-2009

Copenhagen to Purchase 15 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars
City plans to convert 15 Think electric cars to run on hydrogen fuel cells. - 24-Jan-2009

UK Plans High-speed London-Glascow Rail Service
Plan resumes electrification of UK's rail service that ended in 1991. - 24-Jan-2009