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Congressman's Not-So-Green Fuel Cell Drive to DC
'Green' trip in Chevy fuel cell Equinox proves less than environmentally responsible. - 22-Jan-2009

Dutch E-Bike Sales Remain Brisk Despite Economy
2008 e-Bike sales in the Netherlands will end at 120,000 units and a share of the total bicycle market of about 10%. - 22-Jan-2009

Will CARB Kill Plug-in Conversions?
Costly emissions testing and warranty requirements likely will kill Prius conversion business in California. - 22-Jan-2009

Ashley Van Dyke to Promote Solar EVs at US Racing Venues
Cruise Car solar electric hybrid vehicles can be made 'street legal' in most states on roads with posted 35 mph speed limits - 23-Jan-2009

Hawaii Gets Quartet of Plug-in Priuses
Green Gears's Pat Cadam retro-fit four Priuses with A123/HyMotion battery pack, improving cars overall fuel efficiency. - 22-Jan-2009

Delaware Town First to Implement V2G Electric Car Charging
The approval process for V2G electric vehicles is similar to the process used to certify solar photovoltaic systems. - 22-Jan-2009

US Army to Lease 'Thousands' of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
The 4,000 non-tactical electric vehicles will be used on Army bases for passenger transport, security patrol, and maintenance and delivery services. - 23-Jan-2009

ZAP to Introduce Alias Electric Car at NADA
ZAP considers its Alias a breathtaking design with freeway speeds, 100-mile range, and an affordable price point. - 23-Jan-2009

Review of 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
All of that luxury does come with a price: roughly $70,000, writes Scott Burgess. - 23-Jan-2009

For Lithium Car Batteries, Bolivia Is in the Driver's Seat
'The days of U.S. car companies buying cheap raw materials to sell expensive cars are over,' states Bolivian Mining Minister Luis Alberto Echazu. - 26-Jan-2009