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Danish Renewable Energy Group Invests in Battery Management Firm
Lithium Balance makes battery management systems that can control the charge and discharge of battery packs, as well as the temperature. - 21-Jan-2009

Karma S Sunset Rated Best Electric Car at 2009 NAIAS
Detroit News votes Fisker Karma S as 'Best Electric Car' at 2009 North American International Auto Show. - 21-Jan-2009

Australian Dot Com Mogul Thornley Joins Electric Car Venture
FORMER dotcom mogul and ministerial hopeful Evan Thornley has apologised to his enraged ALP colleagues but says he does not regret his sudden shift to the private sector, citing the immense potential of electric cars. - 21-Jan-2009

Chrysler's Electric Cars
Chrysler’s aim is to have 100 electric vehicles in government and civil fleets during 2009 with models available to the driving public in 2010. - 21-Jan-2009

Mitsubishi Reveals First Mass-produced Electric Car in UK
The i-MiEV has a top speed of 87mph, can be 80% charged in 20 minutes and has a good range -- as long as the headlights, heater and radio aren't on at the same time. - 21-Jan-2009

Fiat, Chrysler Union Not a Promising Marriage
Both company's are long on creativity, but short on needed cash. - 21-Jan-2009

Mercedes BlueZERO E-Cell Offers Three Electric Options
All three BlueZERO variants share the same key electrical components, including 100kw permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor (BLDC) that revs to a maximum of 13,280 rpm. - 21-Jan-2009

Aptera Completes First Pre-Production Model, Deliveries Slated for Fall 2009
Aptera has already received nearly 4,000 deposits and the 2e is attracting its share of accolades, including recognition from TIME magazine as one of the 'Best Inventions of 2008'. - 21-Jan-2009

Tata Selects TM4 Electric Drive System for Electric Cars
Under this program, TM4 will provide electric motors, power electronics and vehicle controllers for all-electric versions of Tata Motors’ new Indica Vista. - 22-Jan-2009

Recession Impacting on Lithium Supplies
TRU Group Inc announces results of its updated long range Lithium supply-demand forecast - Lithium industry not immune from effects of global recession - 22-Jan-2009