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Electric Car Evangelist Agassi Sees Battery-Powered Future
nfluential politicos such as Robert Kennedy Jr. and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom hope Agassi will soon have the ear of President-elect Barack Obama - 20-Jan-2009

Can Chrysler Build a Real Electric Car?
Is the company running before it can walk with its electric car aspirations? - 20-Jan-2009

Sokol Plugs Investment in Electric Cars
Chairman of MidAmerican Holdings speaks of his firm's $232 million investment in Chinese electric carmaker BYD. - 20-Jan-2009

Ontario, Better Place Pave Way to Electric Car Future
Better Place will build an electric car demonstration and education centre in Toronto to lay the groundwork to help get electric vehicles running on Ontario roads. - 20-Jan-2009

Fiat Takes 35% Share in Chrysler
The deal means Chrysler, which is fighting off bankruptcy and struggling to sell less fuel efficient larger models, would have access to new markets and cheaper, more environmentally friendly technologies. - 20-Jan-2009

Climate Action Letter to President Obama
Letter signed by 97 businesses and organizations outlines recommendations for administrative actions to address climate change. - 21-Jan-2009

Pair of E-Max Electric Scooters to be Sold in Singapore
S90 model has range of 45-60 km, while S110 has range of 70-90 km. - 21-Jan-2009

Toyota Introduces Certified Used Hybrid Program
Each vehicle comes with the three-month/3,000-mile comprehensive warranty, seven-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and roadside assistance plan offered on traditional TCUV models. - 21-Jan-2009

GM to Invest $30 Million in New LIthium Battery Plant
Plant to begin production of battery packs for Chevrolet Volt extened-range electric car in 2010. - 21-Jan-2009

Lithium Profits: Two Companies In Which to Invest
Soon the main market for lithium won’t be cellphones, iPods and laptops… but the next generation hybrid vehicles. - 21-Jan-2009