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Questioning Plug-in Car's ROI
Irwin Greenstein finds the decade or longer return on investment in a plug-in hybrid conversion Lusciously 'ludicrous.' - 06-Jan-2009

Valence Bets on Europe
Valence began to focus on Europe about two years ago, when it realized that automakers there already were launching electric delivery vans and hybrid buses - 06-Jan-2009

GM's Volt Electric Car Is On the Right Track
The Volt electric car is such a good idea that even a fumbling marketing department could sell it if the execution is successful. - 06-Jan-2009

Economic Slump Not Deterring Some Japanese Firms' Investment in 'Green' Tech
Investments include materials for advanced lithium-ion batteries. - 06-Jan-2009

Paul Liddle's High-Voltage Porsches
EVPorsche 911 conversion costs $48,000, including the donor vehicle. - 06-Jan-2009

Beijing to Ban Quarter Million Cars, Trucks
Highly-polluting 'yellow-label' vehicles will be fined if caught traveling inside Fifth Ring Road. - 06-Jan-2009

This Time Its Personal: Revenge of the Electric Car
Interview with Who Killed the Electric Car? filmmaker Chris Paine. - 06-Jan-2009

California Cars Now Carry Environmental Impact Labels
New label will arm consumers with the information they need to choose a vehicle that saves gas, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps fight smog. - 06-Jan-2009

Superprotonic's Omnivorous Hydrogen Fuel Cell
A prototype fuel cell runs on a wide range of fuels without turning up the heat. - 06-Jan-2009

GM's Secret Success
GM CEO Rick Wagoneer has led numerous unheralded innovations, contends William Holstein. - 06-Jan-2009