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US Market Offers Opportunity for Chinese Carmakers
Both BYD and Brilliance served notice that when they enter the U.S. market in or about 2012, they will come as high-end, high-technology automobile manufacturers. - 19-Jan-2009

Tesla, Fisker Eschew Ads for Events, Websites
Neither carmaker has an advertising agency of record; both rely heavily on the press and their websites to attract buyers. - 19-Jan-2009

Electric Car Battery Makers Looking for Juice from Gov't Stimulus Plan
The US Energy Department has set a target price of $1,700 to $3,400 for an all-electric car battery that could go 40 miles on a full charge. - 19-Jan-2009

Is the Age of Electric Vehicles Finally Here
Electric vehicles should no longer be treated as a curiosity, but should be considered essential to national security and protection of the environment. - 20-Jan-2009

Detroit No-shows Put Spotlight on Electric Car Startups
Volatile fuel prices, tighter emissions rules and stronger batteries are buoying interest in cars that use little or no gasoline. - 20-Jan-2009

Energy Inefficiency
For each dollar of economic product, the United States spews more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than 75 of 107 countries tracked in the indicators of the International Energy Agency. - 20-Jan-2009

California Emissions Waiver Looms for Carmakers
Barack Obama is expected to allow California and other states to enforce tough air quality rules soon after taking office. - 20-Jan-2009

Not All Carmakers Sold in Electric Cars
The biggest challenge has been developing a battery powerful enough and relatively small enough to propel car safely and reliably. - 20-Jan-2009

Will Batteries Charge Michigan's Economy?
Michigan Governor Granholm drove electric Ford Focus to Cobo Center, possibly powered by Johnson Control-Saft lithium ion batteries. - 20-Jan-2009

Is the Power Grid Ready for Electric Cars?
Senior producer John W. Schoen responds to reader question about impact of electric cars on America's aging power grid. - 20-Jan-2009