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The Route to Sustainable Mobility
Exciting developments are in the sustainability pipeline to greener driving from the Chevy Volt to biomass fuels. - 01-Jan-2009

US Energy Demand Falls
People worldwide are driving less, flying less and using less electricity — but for how long? - 02-Jan-2009

Electric Car Questions
Julia Bodeeb spots a electric car in New Jersey and wonders just how practical it really is. - 02-Jan-2009

Greener Cars Just Ahead
Evelyn Kanter reports from the Los Angeles Auto Show and comes way impressed by Mitsubishi iMIEV, but with reservations about Honda's FCX Clarity. - 02-Jan-2009

A Better Place for the Electric Car
Lise Buyer discovers Shai Agassi's Better Place electric car business concept. - 02-Jan-2009

Hybrid Car Sales Drop 53 Percent in November '08
Toyota Prius sales off 50% while Camry Hybrid fell 57%, while conventional car sales were off by 37%. - 05-Jan-2009

Early Prius Batteries Approaching End of Life
Preliminary tests are showing the Prius batteries to be even more robust than expected, with one taxi cab in Canada seeing 400,000 miles without noticeable degradation. - 06-Jan-2009

Michigan-Built Advanced Batteries for Electric Cars Will Be Used
The United States has no large-scale production of advanced batteries. Those industries are centered in Asia, where government subsidies have helped them develop and grow. - 06-Jan-2009

Lotus Said to be Working on Own Electric Car
Lotus Engineering CEO Michael Kimberly tells Financial Times electric Lotus is in the works. - 06-Jan-2009

EnerDel Applies for $480M Federal Loan
Ener1's lithium-ion battery subsidiary applied for the funds under the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program. - 06-Jan-2009