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Mitsubishi Plans Electric Car Launch for India
i-MiEV will launch first in Japan and Hong Kong, with India to follow in a 'few years.' - 11-Jan-2008

Renault CEO to Attend Israeli Electric Car Venture Dedication
While the Renault/Nissan alliance will participate in development of the electric car, but it will not be built in Israel. - 11-Jan-2008

Carpool Lane Is Target for Three-Wheeled Aptera
Fambro says about 400 potential buyers have slapped down a $500 refundable reservation to get in line. - 11-Jan-2008

California Officials Try to Save Hydrogen Highway
Six energy companies had jointly operated the station - which is dedicated to hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles under development by companies in the partnership - but the lease lapsed Dec. 31 and no new agreement has been reached. - 12-Jan-2008

New Fuel Cell Vehicles Have Real-World Appeal
The green initiatives are hugely expensive, costing billions in annual research outlays, but automakers have no choice: Regulatory, environmental and social pressures to sell clean cars are mounting in the United States, Europe and Japan. - 12-Jan-2008

It's A Bumpy Road on California's Hydrogen Highway
The closure of two stations in recent weeks, and the pending closure of a third next month, will drop the number of hydrogen refueling stations to 22. - 12-Jan-2008

Report Finds Rising Tide of Green Financing
An estimated 52 billion dollars was invested in renewable energy in 2006, up 33 percent from 2005. Preliminary estimates indicate that the figure reached 66 billion dollars in 2007. Carbon trading is growing even more explosively, reaching an estimated 30 billion dollars in 2006, nearly triple the amount traded in 2005. - 12-Jan-2008

Pros and Cons of Eight Green Fuels
US News dossiers fuels are overrated - and which could power your next car. - 12-Jan-2008

Mercury Mariner Hybrid: The Right Stuff
Our overall driving impression of the Mariner is that it is solid and well manufactured, but the big draw here is definitely the fuel economy. - 12-Jan-2008

Korean Electric Scooter Approved for Government Use
The Leo 1000 is equipped with a lithium polymer battery that can run 100km (a little over 62 miles) on a home plug-in charge. - 12-Jan-2008