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The Greening of the American Auto Industry
The momentum for going green has shifted as concerns about rising gas prices, climate change and U.S. dependence on foreign oil increasingly influenced consumers' vehicle buying decisions. - 10-Jan-2008

'Refuel' Your Electric Car with Liquid Electricity
In future, electric cars will no longer need to be charged for hours, but will be filled up with pre-charged battery fluid. - 10-Jan-2008

Tata Rolls Out $2,500 Nano
The Tata car could 'jam cities' and raise pollution, NGO Centre for Science and Environment warned, noting as congestion builds up and vehicles slow down, emissions increase up to five times. - 10-Jan-2008

A New Front in the Fuel Fight
Boosting efficiency is no longer a question of whether but how. - 10-Jan-2008

Plug-In Hybrid Cars Come to Seattle
Does your garage have an electrical outlet? Later this year, you'll be able to modify your gas Prius for less than $10,000. - 10-Jan-2008

Are Plug-in Hybrids the Answer to Oil Dependency?
Essay by David Sandlow, author of Freedom from Oil. - 10-Jan-2008

V-8 Engines Going the Way of the Tailfin?
The world changed on Dec. 19, when President George W. Bush signed a new energy bill forcing automakers to improve fleet fuel efficiency by a whopping 40 percent by 2020. - 10-Jan-2008

What Will You Drive in the Future?
A promising study by the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, Calif., highlights a plug-in hybrid and categorizes the size of the battery to reflect how far it will travel after an overnight charge. - 10-Jan-2008

Rail Firms Developing Fuel Cell Switch Locomotive
Experimental hydrogen fuel cell locomotive being developed by BNSF Railway Company and Vehicle Projects LLC. - 10-Jan-2008

Paris Brings Electric Cars to the People
Parisians who find themselves in need of transport can just go to one of the pickup stations 24 hours a day, rent an electric car, and drive off. - 10-Jan-2008