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Zap Offers Free 'Fuel' for a Year for Xebra Electric Car Buyers
The Xebra is designed for inner-city use only because the US$11,200 three-wheeler doesn't go faster than 65 kilometres per hour. - 09-Jan-2008

Ancient Global Warming Sees Troubling Spike
The abundance and distribution of marine algae indicate the environment started to change and the ocean surface began to warm several thousand years before the large temperature spike. - 09-Jan-2008

Toyota to Make Fuel Economy Gauges Standard on All Cars, Trucks
Higher fuel prices in 2007 helped spur gains of 40 percent in sales of hybrids and 20 percent in subcompact cars such as Toyota's Yaris and Honda's Fit, according to Autodata Corp. - 09-Jan-2008

Indian Innovator Develops 'Kanso' 100cc Hybrid Car
The new fuel efficient two seat car has a top speed of 40 km/hr and cost Rs 1.5 lahk (US$3834). Gogoi pictured with two of the many vehicles he's built in his garage. - 09-Jan-2008

The Electric Car Reborn
GM took tons of heat for killing its first electric car, the EV1. Now it's back with the Volt. - 09-Jan-2008

GM Keeping Pace with Toyota on Alt Fuel Vehicles, Says Wagoner
GM has been working to reshape its image on fuel-saving initiatives as Toyota, helped by a reputation for environmental leadership. - 09-Jan-2008

Quantum, Fisker Consider Offering Luxury Plug-In Hybrid in China
The four-door sedan, with a plug-in hybrid electric power system, which will debut at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, was developed by Fisker Automotive. - 09-Jan-2008

Pioneering Electric Car 'Zine Commemorates 10th Anniversary
EV World.Com introduces many industry firsts from podcasting to electric car owner journals in its first decade of service, including building the Internet's largest searchable database electric-drive news story links. - 09-Jan-2008

100 Electric Vans and Trucks Ordered for Ireland
The world’s leading commercial electric vehicle manufacturer has secured an order for 100 zero emission vans and trucks for the Republic of Ireland. - 10-Jan-2008

Ames Lab Develops New Magnetic Alloy for Electric Car Motors
Researcher have designed a high-performance permanent magnet alloy that operates with good magnetic strength at 200 degrees Celsius, or 392 degrees Fahrenheit, to help make electric drive motors more efficient and cost-effective. - 10-Jan-2008