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Tesla to Offer Range-extended Version of Whitestar Electric Car
The San Carlos, Calif.-based company will produce two basic types of its Whitestar sedan, due toward the end of 2009. - 02-Feb-2008

ZENN to Introduce More Powerful AC Motor in Its Electric Car
Zenn Motor plans to release a new line of cars in a few weeks that will run on more powerful AC motors--but consumers will have to wait for vehicles that feature new EEStor energy technology. - 03-Feb-2008

Experts Question ZAP's Ability to Deliver New Electric Three-Wheeler by 2009
Beyond the challenge of designing a car with a top speed and range almost four times that of the Xebra, the biggest hurdle will be getting the components to build it. - 03-Feb-2008

Chetan Maini's Wish: VAT Exemption for Electric Cars in India
Head of Indian electric carmaker Reva, talks about the need for support from the Indian government to promote the adoption of zero emission vehicles. - 03-Feb-2008

India's Hero Motors Rolls Out Ultra Maxi Electric Scooter
Hero Motors Ultra Maxi uses a 250 watt motor to avoid falling into category that would require license fees, road taxes and registration. - 03-Feb-2008

GMC Denali XT Concept Truck Boasts Ethanol, Hybrid Drive
It is the first vehicle from GM that combines an ethanol-capable engine with the two-mode hybrid system. - 03-Feb-2008

2008 Shaping Up As Year of the Plug-in Hybrid
From GM to BYD to AFS Trinity, the competition is heating up to get grid-recharged, electric hybrids and range-extended electric cars to the market by 2010 or shortly thereafter. - 03-Feb-2008

Raser Covers the Bases from Geothermal to Electric Motors
While the future of the Symetron electric motor developer looks promising, questions remain as it branches out into geothermal power development. - 03-Feb-2008

Not Guzzling, But Still Thirsty
A new federal fuel-efficiency law gives a break to makers of SUVs -- and the customers who, despite the rising cost of gas, can't live without them - 04-Feb-2008

Rolls-Royce Exploring Ways to Commercialize Its New Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Low cost, ceramic-based stationary fuel cell can be scaled up for transport, military and marine applications. - 04-Feb-2008