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Hybrid Car Market Share to Grow Slowly
A Center for Automotive Research survey found that automotive executives and suppliers expect hybrid vehicles to comprise 10 percent of overall market share by 2016, up from less than 2.5 percent today. - 02-Feb-2008

A Green Energy Industry Takes Root in California
The state has earmarked $3.2 billion to subsidize solar installation, with the goal of putting solar cells on one million rooftops. - 02-Feb-2008

Hybrid Cars Not That Popular in Australia
As hybrid sales flounder, diesel private sales are up 62.9 per cent from 10,566 to 17,215. - 02-Feb-2008

Indian Carmaker Mahindra to Sell Hybrid SUVs in U.S.A.
The company has said it will begin selling its Scorpio SUV in the US from 2008. - 02-Feb-2008

Canadian Think Tank Favors Carbon Taxes
Conference Board of Canada report concludes that all companies and individuals should pay a tax that stings enough to make them change their behaviour and adopt less-polluting technologies. - 02-Feb-2008

Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars of the Future
GM and Honda dispute advantages of plug-in hybrids and best course of action to address long-term solution to global warming. Includes video. - 02-Feb-2008

Hybrid Cars Are the Future
Mary Beth Stanek, GM's director of environment, energy and safety policy dialogues with Abu Dhabi officials about the carmakers plans for the future - 02-Feb-2008

Run Silent, Run Cheap on Vectrix Electric Scooter
Despite its price tag, the company calculates the electric scooter is 20 times more environmentally friendly than the average family car. - 02-Feb-2008

The Truth About 'Green' Cars
Szu Ping Chan highlights the benefits of investing in hybrid cars from a UK perspective. - 02-Feb-2008

Bad Science: Cannabis Casualties, Hybrid Cars, and Cubic Litres
Ben Goldacre debunks the 'Hummers-are-greener-than-Prius' propaganda. - 02-Feb-2008