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Electric Car Owners Can Now 'Pull Up and Plug In' in London Boroughs
The scheme costs £17 to join with a refundable £50 deposit for the yellow power cables. - 31-Jan-2008

Battery Plant Signals Tipping Point for Electric Cars
The $22m (Euro15m) factory will initially produce 5,000 battery packs a year but be able to scale up if demand increases. - 31-Jan-2008

Deutsche Post World Net to Test Daimler Hybrid Trucks
Daimler and Deutsche Post anticipate that the two 7.5 ton vehicles, which run on hybrid diesel-electric engines, will use up to 20 percent less fuel. - 01-Feb-2008

UAE to Invest $15 Billion in Alt. Energy, Clean Tech
The initiative will include projects targeting solar and wind power and hydrogen fuel, and reduction and management of carbon emissions. - 01-Feb-2008

Altairnano Signs $2.5 Mil Contract with U.S. Navy
Altair will develop an optimized battery cell employing its nano-sized lithium titanate (n-LTO) electrode materials and then demonstrate the performance and safety attributes of the cell. - 01-Feb-2008

GM Plans Large Production Run of Volt Extended Range Electric Cars
Company is planning on producing tens of thousands of the electric car with E-Flex range-extended drive. - 01-Feb-2008

Austin Energy to Test Vehicle-to-Grid Technology
A V2Green Connectivity Module (VCM) will be installed in each test vehicle to establish two-way communication with the grid. - 01-Feb-2008

GM Receives Orders for 1,700+ Hybrid Buses
Orders for total of 1,732 buses come from Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis transit agencies. - 01-Feb-2008

Mercedes Benz Hybrid to Use New Johnson Controls-Saft Lithium Batteries
The factory in Nersac, France, will produce up to 5,000 battery packs a year for Daimler AG for use in the Mercedes-Benz S-class series of luxury hybrids. - 01-Feb-2008

University Technology Sydney Experiments with Vehicle-to-Grid Prius
The UTS car will achieve up to 50km a day of fully-electric driving before the standard petrol-electric hybrid engine is called upon. - 01-Feb-2008