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Cheap Solar-made Hydrogen
A new process uses sunlight and a nanostructured catalyst to inexpensively and efficiently generate hydrogen for fuel. - 31-Jan-2008

City of Denver Auctioning Off Hybrid Cars
The city purchased what appear to be early model Prius hybrids for $19,600. They are being sold for more than $10,600 at the public auction. - 31-Jan-2008

Study Finds High Gasoline Prices Affecting U.S. Car Buyer Decisions
If gasoline prices reach an average national price of $4.00 per gallon, interest in hybrids would increase more than five-fold. - 31-Jan-2008

New Zealand Proposes Fuel Efficiency Standards for Vehicles
The proposed standard is one of a range of Government initiatives, including the Emissions Trading Scheme and the fuel economy (star-rating) labelling scheme. - 31-Jan-2008

Bioengineered Strain of E-Coli Produces Record Amount of Hydrogen
The bacteria that are usually associated with food poisoning can someday become a potential source of energy, helping power vehicles and homes. - 31-Jan-2008

Mach 5 Hydrogen Jetliner Proposed
Engineers have been re-working the A2 with the Concorde’s short comings in mind. Pictured is concept of A2 in flight. - 31-Jan-2008

Vectrix Electric Excellence
According to the European Union’s Cleaner Drive rating the Vectrix has the lowest environmental impact of any comparable vehicle, car or motorcycle. - 31-Jan-2008

U.S. Energy Dept. Might Drop Support for FutureGen Coal Power Plant
FutureGen is one of the most advanced projects for determining whether emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, can be captured from coal-fired plants and stored, or sequestered, underground. - 31-Jan-2008

The Future of Cars - Part 2
Peak oil editor Tom Whipple continues his series on the future of the private automobile in the post-petroleum age. - 31-Jan-2008

ZAP to Introduce Alias Three-wheel Electric 'Car'
ZAP is hoping to keep the MSRP at $30,000 for the Alias three-wheeler pictured here. - 31-Jan-2008