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The Investment Prospect of 'Green' Machines
John Rubino looks at the prospects of a handful of electric vehicles companies. - 29-Jan-2008

Five Fuel Cell Bus Projects in Development at CALSTART
Program with Federal Transit Administration Pushes Fuel Cell Technology Toward Faster Commercialization in Transit Applications - 30-Jan-2008

Israeli-based Venture Developing 600 km Hydrogen Tank for Cars
C.En employs scientists from Israel, Germany, Russia, Japan, and South Korea. - 30-Jan-2008

US DoE Agreement Aims to Make Hawaii Greener
The partnership aims to put Hawaii on a path to supply 70% of its energy needs using clean energy by 2030, which could reduce 72% of Hawaii’s current crude oil consumption. - 30-Jan-2008

Fisker's $80K Plug-In Hybrid to Be Made in Detroit?
Autopia blog speculates where Fisker will build its plug-in hybrid and whose battery technology it is likely to use. - 30-Jan-2008

Indonesian Gov't Urged to Adopt Low-Carbon Economy
A low-carbon economy is an economy where growth of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the use of carbon-based fuels are halted and then significantly reduced. - 30-Jan-2008

UK City Council Adopts Green Transportation Policy
Car sharing is to be encouraged while the council is also set to boost green travel by introducing a pool of electric cars, more shared bicycles and discounts for staff at bicycle shops. - 30-Jan-2008

Ford Testing Plug-in Hybrid Escape
BusinessWeek title misidentifies plug-in hybrid vehicle as Ford Explorer. - 30-Jan-2008

Adura Systems Partners with Chinese Group on Plug-in Hybrid Bus
Adura and the Chinese Automotive Technology and Research Center signed an agreement to partner in developing Serial Plug-in Hybrid buses - 30-Jan-2008

US DoE Issues Solicitation for On-Vehicle Hydrogen Storage Technologies
The total funding available for all new awards is $6 million. - 30-Jan-2008