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HumanCar Is New Spin on Bicycle
With seating up of four people who use all the large muscle groups, the car can easily cruise at speeds of up to 20 mph. - 28-Jan-2008

Velozzi Looks to South Africa
X-Prize competitor partners with South Africa's IDC to build plug-In hybrid sports car in the African nation. - 28-Jan-2008

Arizona Introduces Zero Emission Vehicle Rules
The state Department of Environmental Quality has released draft rules mandating that 11 percent of all automobiles sold in Arizona beginning with the 2011 model year have zero emissions. - 29-Jan-2008

Senators Introduce Bill to Require EPA to Grant California CO2 Law Waiver
The bill introduced today directs the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to grant California's request for the waiver, which will allow California to implement its greenhouse gas emissions standards for motor vehicles. - 29-Jan-2008

California Assembly to Vote on Clean Car Discount Act
If passed, measure would be the nation's first 'feebate' law, imposing charges and granting rebates based on a vehicle's emission of carbon dioxide and other gases. - 29-Jan-2008

Navajos Group Offers Renewable Energy Alternatives to Coal Power Plant
Dine Citizens Against Ruining our Environment issued 160 page report showing how renewable-energy projects would compare to Desert Rock coal plant. - 29-Jan-2008

In Praise of $100 Oil
Oklahoma Energy Secretary sees high-priced oil as boon to development of more fuel-efficient cars. - 29-Jan-2008

'Green' Cars Muscle Guzzlers Off the Road in UK
Shifting car sales from gas guzzlers to low-carbon cars shows market is adapting to higher fuel prices. - 29-Jan-2008

Bollore, Pinifarina Electric Car to Go On Sale Late 2008
Joint venture expects to lease-to-own electric cars for about EU500/month for terms of 3 to 4 years. - 29-Jan-2008

Tesla Wins Federal Air Bag Waiver
2006 federal law would require airbag system that adapts to size of the passenger, which other small manufacturers have also had trouble meeting. The production Tesla will be equipped with conventional airbags. - 29-Jan-2008