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Montana Governor Schweitzer Checks out Converted Electric Pickup
Welch's truck travels about 50 miles per charge and costs about 50 cents a day to charge. - 26-Jan-2008

Israel: Cradle of the Electric Car
Can Renault-Nissan and Project Better Place make a success of the low-pollution vehicles in a country with bigger problems than the environment? - 26-Jan-2008

Tesla Sets March 17th Production Date
Chairman Elon Musk is slated to receive first production Roadster. - 27-Jan-2008

Can Israel Make the Electric Car Succeed?
Renault is confident enough that the average Israeli will buy electric cars that it expects to sell 10,000 to 20,000 electric cars per year starting in 2011. - 27-Jan-2008

Ballard Shareholders Approve Sale of Automotive Unit
The sale of the automotive business will reduce cash burn by US$15 million a year, reduce its need for new equity financings and give Ballard a profitable business. - 27-Jan-2008

Converted Suzuki Van Gets 72 MPG on Gaseous Hydrogen
The hydrogen is derived from water in a special half-gallon tank under the hood. - 27-Jan-2008

As Fuel Prices Rise, 2008 Escape Hybrid Is a Winner
Bullet-point review of newest Ford Escape Hybrid. See also EV World's own review Escape Hybrid Surprise. - 27-Jan-2008

Prius Helps Drive Down Fire Department Costs
At more than 40 miles to the gallon so far, Assistant Fire Chief Charlie Mangold said the Priuses get nearly four times better mileage than the 1994 Crown Victorias they replaced. - 27-Jan-2008

Nano Car, Mega Disaster?
The Tata Nano costs just $2,500. It's cute as a bug. And it could mean global disaster, writes columnist Mira Kamdar. - 27-Jan-2008

Indian Actor Akshaye Khanna Orders Custom REVA Electric Car
According to friends close to the actor, Akshaye Khanna was quite impressed by the concept of the electric car. - 27-Jan-2008