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Your '08 Prius' Fuel Efficiency Just Dropped 16 Percent
The EPA's new one fuel economy calculations take into account things like acceleration, winter driving, air conditioner use, and more realistic speeds. - 26-Jan-2008

The Future of Cars - Part 1
When shortages develop and rationing starts, fuel for the private car will be close to the bottom of the priority list along with fuel for lawn mowers, leaf blowers, recreational boats, and my personal favorite as the worst possible use for a precious resource -- sky-diving. - 26-Jan-2008

Nanosolar's $1 a Watt PV Cheaper Than Coal
Nanosolar thin-film technology delivers five times the current of any other thin-film panel, the company asserts, producing energy at one-third the cost of coal. - 26-Jan-2008

Escape Hybrid Plug-in Shows Promise
Escape's aging design hobbles the package overall, but it's likely to be redesigned by the time a plug-in hybrid version would be available. - 26-Jan-2008

Danish Designer Fisker Attracts Millions from Gore-Associated VC Firm
Henrik Fisker is one of the world’s most successful car designers. He was chief designer at BMW where among other things he developed BMW Z8. - 26-Jan-2008

UltraBattery Sets New Standard for HEVs
The battery system was developed by CSIRO in Australia, built by the Furukawa Battery Company of Japan and tested in the United Kingdom through the American-based Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium. - 26-Jan-2008

French Billionaire Joins Race for Electric Car Battery
The BatScap plant is a joint venture between Bollore Group and state-controlled power utility EDF to produce a super capacitor-based battery to power electric cars and hybrids. - 26-Jan-2008

Israel's Electric Car Will Cut Its Oil Needs
The innovative model, developed by Agassi, would provide consumers with inexpensive cars, and they would pay a monthly fee for expected mileage, like minutes on a cell phone plan. - 26-Jan-2008

Lithium Battery Breakthrough Will Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Market
The global market for PHEVs is estimated to reach 130,000 vehicles by 2015. - 26-Jan-2008

Future Cars Get Plugged In to Rev Up
The car of the near future will be smaller, quieter, cleaner but not necessarily slower. - 27-Jan-2008