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Coal No Longer on the Front Burner
The rush to build power plants slows as worries grow over global warming, building costs and transportation. - 25-Jan-2008

Wal-Mart Chief Offers a Social Manifesto
Wal-Mart is talking to leaders of the automobile industry about selling electric or hybrid cars — and might even install windmills in its parking lots so customers could recharge their cars with renewable electricity. - 25-Jan-2008

GM Forms Electric-Drive Engineering Group
The new engineering team, which will be based in North America, Europe and Asia, will work to develop vehicles using a variety of advanced propulsion systems such as gasoline-electric hybrids, and the E-Flex system. - 25-Jan-2008

JCS Expands Battery Production
New plant will supply batteries to Mercedes Benz plug-in hybrid. - 25-Jan-2008

Smart Electric Meters Can Boost Solar, Wind Energy Use
The real opportunity for advanced metering is to reduce the cost of intermittent resources like wind or solar. - 25-Jan-2008

Fuel Cell-powered UAV Flies Continuously for Seven Hours
The ProCore UAV propulsion system is a fuel cell that couples stack technology that can achieve 1,000W/kg (454W/lb) power output with a chemical hydride for storing its hydrogen fuel. - 25-Jan-2008

Electrovaya Launching Low-speed Electric Car
The Maya-300 is a terrific, high-profile solution for many fleet operators with a driving range longer than other low-speed electric vehicles. - 25-Jan-2008

Tesla : Car is Fast, Company Still Getting up to Speed
The first salable version of the Tesla Roadster - going to Elon Musk, the company's chairman and biggest investor - will be put on plane and head from the factory in the United Kingdom to Silicon Valley in a matter of days. - 25-Jan-2008

Family Goes Green by Converting Truck to Electric Drive
The entire cost of the project, including the 1996 Ford Ranger truck, was about $7,700. - 26-Jan-2008

Shell Oil Chief Fears Oil Shortage in Seven Years
Shell estimates that after 2015 supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand. - 26-Jan-2008