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Israel to Deploy First National Infrastructure for Electric Cars
Israel is considered to have the perfect environment for an electric car scheme as 90 per cent of car users travel less than 70 kilometres per day. - 23-Jan-2008

Morgan Stanley Doesn't Invest without a Business Plan
Project Better Place founder answers his critics who claim his electric car project isn't tenable. - 23-Jan-2008

Iceland's Hydrogen Ship Presages Fossil-free Maritime
The conversion of the whale-watching ship Elding to hydrogen power will initially be confined to the use of a fuel cell to power the engine that runs its lighting - 23-Jan-2008

A Cheaper Battery for Hybrid Cars
The new UltraBattery lasts at least four times longer than conventional lead-acid batteries, and its creators say that it can be manufactured at one-quarter the cost of existing hybrid-electric battery packs. - 24-Jan-2008

ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Power New Electrovaya Electric Car
The company is working with a number of vehicle manufacturers on the development of batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles and expects more announcements like this one to come. - 24-Jan-2008

The Hottest Hybrid Vehicles for 2008
U.S. hybrid sales jumped more than 34 percent last year. - 24-Jan-2008

Toyota's Bill Reinert Says Auto Industry Must Break Its Oil Addiction
The twin threats of $100-a-barrel oil and global warming are convulsing an industry addicted to cheap, abundant petroleum. - 24-Jan-2008

Walmart CEO In Talks with Automakers to Sell Plug-in Cars and Hybrids
H. Lee Scott has staked his reputation on an environmental agenda that he said might save millions of barrels of oil annually and cut consumers' energy costs. - 24-Jan-2008

Saturn Plug-in Hybrid SUV May Begin Production in 2010
This Vue Green Line will use a modified version of GM's two-mode hybrid system and plug-in technology, a lithium-ion battery pack. - 24-Jan-2008

Renault-Nissan Considers Also Using A123 Batteries in Electric Cars
Whether the company will use its NEC co-developed battery or adapt A123 cells will depend on the particular market. - 25-Jan-2008