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Colorado Firm Can Convert Any Car to Hybrid for $7000
Converted Chevy Tahoe when from 11 mpg to 18 mpg, says Salida Conversions. - 04-Jan-2008

WSJ: $100 Oil Could Reshape Global Economy
Expensive gasoline has pulled the rug out from under Detroit's 'bigger is better' business model, as well as tougher fuel-efficiency standards and other tactics to discourage car use. - 04-Jan-2008

IEA: High Oil Prices Must Spur Higher Fuel Efficiency
$100 oil is a clear signal that the market is tight, and either we have to get more production or consumers will have to use less. - 04-Jan-2008

Subaru to Begin Selling Electric Car in 2009
Its battery pack affords the car a range of 50 miles, but the car can be recharged to 80-percent capacity in just eight minutes and is expected to have a lifespan of about 120,000 miles or ten years. - 04-Jan-2008

2010 Launch No Sure Thing for GM Volt Electric Car
Whether the Volt becomes reality hinges on GM's ability to develop a lithium-ion battery capable of powering a mass-market car. - 04-Jan-2008

Super-Charging Lithium Batteries
Nanowire electrodes could improve the performance of electric vehicles. - 08-Jan-2008

Cobalt Production Shortfall Driving Skyrocketing Prices
Cobalt was perhaps overshadowed by gold and uranium and other base metals during 2007, but the metal’s price is accelerating on tight supplies and a predicted big shortfall as demand grows fast. - 04-Jan-2008

Honda FCX Clarity Impresses
The Japanese company is so committed to fuel cell technology that it expects to be building 400,000 such cars a year by 2020. - 05-Jan-2008

City of Austin Is Handing Out Rebates on Electric Bikes and Scooters
In 2007, the city handed out about $4,000 in rebates for 47 electric vehicles. - 05-Jan-2008

Flow Battery Maker Gets $15 Mil. 2nd Round Investment
'Flow' batteries are for bulk energy storage and will serve as backup or emergency power sources for 8 to 16 hours and cost one-third the price of lead acid batteries. - 05-Jan-2008