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Global Race to Improve Fuel Efficiency Is On
Over the next three years, the biggest impact on reduced fuel use and lowered emissions will be in the every popular four-door sedan. - 22-Jan-2008

US Tells Rest of World It Must Improve Energy Efficiency
On Middle East trip U.S. Energy Secretary Sam Bodman tells green energy conference the challenge of meeting growing energy demand was global and required huge investment in both conventional and alternative energy sources in the developed and developing world alike. - 22-Jan-2008

Highly Efficient Models Highlight Quieter, Greener Detroit Show
A tour of the sheet metal on display made it clear the Chinese have a long way to go to meet U.S. consumer needs, let alone government requirements, before they can be taken seriously here. - 22-Jan-2008

Shanghai GM Rolls Out First Hybrid Car
The LaCrosse Eco-Hybrid, which is expected to hit the market around the middle of this year, will reduce gas consumption from 9.8 liters to 8.3 liters for every 100 kilometers, a 15 % improvement. - 22-Jan-2008

Israel Is Set to Promote the Use of Electric Cars
Renault will offer a small number of electric models of existing vehicles, like the Megane sedan, at prices roughly comparable to gasoline models. The batteries will come from Mr. Agassi. - 23-Jan-2008

A Good Investment for Israel and Humanity
This is the kind of stuff that Israel does best: science on behalf of mankind, writes Marty Peretz. - 23-Jan-2008

California Fuel Cell Headquarters Building Sold
R&M Diodati Family Limited Partnership buys facility from previous owner. Automotive tenants developing fuel cell vehicles as part of California Fuel Cell Partnership are unaffected by sale. - 23-Jan-2008

International Automakers Support Common Fuel Efficiency Standard
Any approach that would require unique vehicle engineering for Canada would add unnecessary cost and potentially decrease vehicle choice for Canadians - 23-Jan-2008

GM Plans Chinese Fuel Cell Car Roll Out After 2010
The strategy also includes bringing four green products to market this year and the introduction of 11 engines capable of improved fuel economy between 2009 and 2012. - 23-Jan-2008

Israel's Electric Car Project Aims to Eliminate Oil
The mobile phone model requires a pretty high hardware refresh rate, and if the auto makers are to be kept in the game they're going to want people to be moving up every few years. - 23-Jan-2008