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Israel Jump Starts Electric Car Market
Project Better Place plans to offer drivers long-term prepaid packages for recharging which, the company said, would sharply bring down the cost of electric cars. - 21-Jan-2008

Glitz and a Hobbled State
Motor City's annual auto show can't hide the decline of Michigan's carmakers and how it has hobbled the regional economy. - 21-Jan-2008

Renault-Nissan and Project Better Place Prepare for First Mass Marketed Electric Vehicles
MOU signed today in Jerusalem for first application on Israeli market - 21-Jan-2008

Israel Enters Electric Car Partnership
The new Renault-Nissan Alliance-developed electric car will feature zero carbon and noise emissions, be priced no higher than the same model car with a gasoline engine, cost less to run and boast a lifetime warranty. - 22-Jan-2008

Next Generation Autos Aim to Plug-in with Public
Many of the new technologies have yet to be proven on the market and will require not only major nationwide investments in fueling infrastructure (how's that corner hydrogen station coming along?), but also changes in personal habits. - 22-Jan-2008

A New Deal for EEStor
The startup EEStor says that it has technology that will store ten times as much energy as lead acid batteries. - 22-Jan-2008

World's Carmakers Shift Stance on Fuel Economy
This year almost all major manufacturers are engaged in a technological arms race to appear fuel-efficient while still conveying speed and excitement. - 22-Jan-2008

The Car of the Future Is Here
The Prius? Nope. Hydrogen? Forget about it. Plug-in hybrids are the only way to drive. [See also AFS Trinity Perfects Plug-in Hybrid Saturn Vue. - 22-Jan-2008

Electric Renault-Nissan Cars to be Sold in Israel in 2011
BEVs are usually automobiles, light trucks, neighborhood electric vehicles, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, electric scooters, golf carts, milk floats, forklifts and similar vehicles. - 22-Jan-2008

Hydrogen's Benefits as Fuel Becoming Obvious
Due to substantial investments by the automotive industry, fuel cell vehicles have made remarkable technical progress in the areas of efficiency, range, cost and durability, writes Mary D. Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board. - 22-Jan-2008