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Criminals Have Hacked Electric Grids, CIA Reports
Several cities outside the U.S. have sustained attacks on utility systems and extortion demands. - 19-Jan-2008

Stealth Scooter
EVT R20 has retro-styling and power of a 2,500 watt electric motor. - 19-Jan-2008

GM Looks for Jump Start from Electric Cars
GM’s goal is to counter Toyota's lead with a steady rollout of new technologies as soon as they are ready, combined with frequent previews of technology that is still in the works to assure consumers that the company is not sitting still. - 19-Jan-2008

Renault, Nissan Go Electric
The two auto makers plan to announce a venture to test electric cars first in Israel and later in other cities around the world. - 20-Jan-2008

Climate Change, Oil Supply Cocerns Forcing Carmakers to Rethink
The boss of US car giant General Motors says the days of petrol engines are numbered, saying oil supply has peaked and the race is on for replacement fuels - 20-Jan-2008

Aptera: The New Electric Car on the Block
With competition mounting among the large automakers to roll-out electric cars, Aptera, for all its promise, must 'come out strong and make a lasting impression where it counts.' - 20-Jan-2008

Plug-In Prius Demonstrates Battery of Positive Points
USA Today automotive columnist James Healey takes Toyota's plug-in Prius prototype for a drive and shares his impressions, finding the technology 'very promising', but wondering how soon and how much? - 20-Jan-2008

New Fuel Economy Standard Will Hike Price of Future Cars
The costs per vehicle of new technologies should range from $3,000 (U.S.) to $7,000 for most auto makers, but as little as $2,000 for Honda Motor Co. Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corp., which lead in hybrid engine development. - 20-Jan-2008

Good Karma
Businessweek and Gizmag consider the Fisker Karma the 'sexiest' plug-in hybrid yet. - 20-Jan-2008

Ford, GM Get Charged Up About Plug-in Hybrids
But others from Fisker to Toyota have joined the race with product to begin to appear as early as 2009. - 20-Jan-2008