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Plug-In Hybrids Pose New Challenge for Canadian Politicians
Orangeville Citizen editorial sees the advent of plug-in hybrids as way to finally close coal-fired power plants, replacing them with a new generation of Candu nuclear power plants. - 17-Jan-2008

America's Rapidly Vanishing Hybrid Car Tax Credit
This year, you're out of luck when it comes to tax credits if you plan to buy a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid, a 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid or a 2008 Toyota Prius. - 17-Jan-2008

Vinod Khosla Invests in Efficient Diesel for Plug-In Hybrid Cars
EcoMotors aims to demo its first engine to potential customers by early 2009. - 19-Jan-2008

Resurrecting the Electric Car
Over a dozen startups around the world are currently working on EVs. - 19-Jan-2008

Smart Grid Consortium to Develop Smart Grid City
System envisioned to include distributed generation technologies such as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with vehicle-to-grid technology; battery systems; wind turbines; and solar panels. - 19-Jan-2008

Amberjac Selects Partner for Large Format Lithium-ion Battery Systsem
The target volume of systems to be produced in 2008 is 500 units with headroom capacity for 1000 systems. - 19-Jan-2008

A Revolution in Batteries
Silicon has more than 10 times as much charge capacity as carbon. If commercial batteries could live up to that performance level, an electric car could go 400 miles on a charge rather than 40 miles. - 19-Jan-2008

Australian-developed UltraBattery Completes 100,000 Miles of Testing
The CSIRO has developed a revolutionary 'UltraBattery' for use in hybrid petrol/electrical vehicles that combines supercapacitor and conventional lead acid battery technology into a single unit. It is able to deliver the benefits of both technologies and with much lower cost and longer life than a conventional battery. - 21-Jan-2008

Proton Fuel Cells Power Hamburger Ferry
The heart of the new ‘Alster steamer’ is an innovative a pair of 50kW fuel cell hybrid drives from Proton Motor. - 19-Jan-2008

Romney Drives Fuel Efficiency Rollback to Victory
In Mass., He Supported Strict Mileage Standards. In Michigan, He Doesn't - 19-Jan-2008