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Detroit Car Show is Now Science Fair
Traditional automotive bragfest of bigger and better is evolving into a tournament of technology and green strategies. - 16-Jan-2008

JCS Battery to Power Chery Hybrid Car
The first phase of the joint venture between Johnson Controls and Saft will involve the Ni-MH cells being manufactured in France, development work carried out in the United States and the battery integration to take place in China. - 16-Jan-2008

The Quest for 'Unstable' Hydrogen Storage
The prospect of hydrogen-fuelled cars may be one step closer thanks to a new form of compound discovered by scientists at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. - 16-Jan-2008

Bike Station Planned for London Commuters
A chain of cycle 'stations' - each with secure bike parking as well as shower and changing facilities - could appear across London. - 16-Jan-2008

New Elettrica Electric Car Takes to London Streets
A 70 mile range and 45mph top speed means that the two-place electric car can compete with anything in its class, but at a price that is higher than its competition. - 16-Jan-2008

The Campaign Issue 'That Dare Not Speak Its Name'
Everyone is talking about the rising price of oil -- everyone it seems except the people running for president. - 16-Jan-2008

Japan Carmakers Aim to Lift US Sales with Fuel Efficient Cars
Japan's top three car makers hope new models that they plan to roll out this year will help spark demand from jittery customers who may be holding off on purchasing cars as the U.S. economy may be entering a recession. - 16-Jan-2008

Volvo ReCharge Concept to Offer 60-miles Electric Range
In principle, the Volvo ReCharge Concept is a battery electric car with an efficient generator powered by a 1.6 L turbo diesel engine. - 16-Jan-2008

China Start-up Wants to Upstage GM, Toyota with Own Plug-in Hybrid
The Chinese carmaker also disclosed that it would produce the plug-in hybrid in the second half of this year and that it would launch other two electric car models, the F3e and F6e, in two or three years. - 16-Jan-2008

Detroit's Green Cars Offer Peak at Automotive Future
Despite the spate of electric and plug-in hybrid concept cars on display, few are road-ready and many are likely to never be produced. - 16-Jan-2008