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Detroit Auto Show: Green or Gas-Hog Heaven?
Tom Walsh sees Detroit carmakers trying to have it both ways. - 15-Jan-2008

China's BYD Introduces 60-Mile Plug-in Hybrid
The F6 DM can go in pure electric mode for 60 miles and another 190 miles on the hybrid motor. - 15-Jan-2008

GM Plug-In Hybrid Battery Could be Ready by 2010
Detroit News columnist Neil Winton reports on GM electric-drive program announcements from NAIAS 2008. Pictured is Saturn Flextreme Extended-range Electric Car. - 15-Jan-2008

Fisker Wants His Luxury Coupe to be First Plug-in Hybrid
Fisker Automotive's vehicle is billed to drive 620 miles, with the first 50 miles coming from a lithium-ion battery that can be charged in a household outlet. - 15-Jan-2008

Bayer Unit Joins X-Prize Competitor Velozzi
Bayer MaterialScience LLC is one of the leading producers of polymers and high-performance plastics in North America and is part of the global Bayer MaterialScience business with nearly 14,900 employees at 30 sites around the world and 2006 sales of 10.2 billion euros from continuing operations. - 15-Jan-2008

Honda Highlights Sporty Hybrid Concept, Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan
The design research model of a lightweight hybrid sports car features advanced technologies that deliver elevated driving performance while reducing the vehicle’s environmental footprint. - 15-Jan-2008

Detroit Auto Show Abuzz with Electric Models
Nearly all the plug-ins being plugged in Detroit (except BYD's) use advanced lithium-ion batteries, an exciting but costly and, according to experts, still-developing technology that needs more testing. - 15-Jan-2008

Time's Up for Petrol Cars, Says GM Chief
GM's Wagoner recognizes peak oil by citing demand outpacing production and the need to reduce oil consumption and the electrification of the automobile. - 15-Jan-2008

Saturn VUE Could Be GM's First Plug-In Hybrid in 2010
The Vue Green Line will use a modified version of GM's two-mode hybrid system and plug-in technology, a lithium-ion battery pack, highly efficient electronics and powerful electric motors to achieve significant increases in fuel economy. - 15-Jan-2008

Air Car Launch 'Just Around the Corner'
The Air Car may do better than fuel-cell cars, but experts say that using grid power to charge a battery-powered electric vehicle is much more efficient than using electricity to compress and store the same amount of energy in a tank. - 16-Jan-2008