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Firefly Presents Illinois Senator with Its First Battery
Peoria-based battery maker recognizes efforts of Senator Durbin in securing federal funding to help develop its unique carbon-foam battery technology. - 13-Jan-2008

2008 Is Year of the Hybrid Car in India
The bad news is that a hefty price tag on hybrids can make their mass adoption a virtual non-starter with import duties of 110%. - 13-Jan-2008

Dhaka Urged to Consider Greener, More Pro-People Transport Alternatives
Roundtable speakers praised the government for its support for a metro system, but urged that less costly options be considered first, including trams and bus rapid transit. - 13-Jan-2008

Extreme Hybrid Showcases Green Technology
Video and text report on AFV Trinity's new Saturn VUE-based 40-mile electric-only range plug-in hybrid. - 13-Jan-2008

GM, Coskata Team to Produce Ethanol from Tires and Trash
New company claims it can make ethanol from wood chips, grass, and trash--including old tires--for a dollar a gallon. - 14-Jan-2008

Eaton Hybrid Drive Deployed in Chinese Buses
The 30 buses will be deployed to carry passengers in the city, with an expected fuel savings of up to 27 percent, along with similar reductions in particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. - 14-Jan-2008

Green Theme Pervades 2008 Detroit Auto Show
Unlike the days of big and powerful, this year is all about clean and efficient. - 14-Jan-2008

Johnson Controls Rolls Out I3 Plug-in Hybrid Concept Car
Concept car is platform for numerous innovations including demonstrating the company's plug-in hybrid battery technology pictured here. - 14-Jan-2008

First Toyota Plug-in Hybrid to Bow in 2010
The lithium-ion fleet would be made available first to Toyota’s commercial customers around the world, like government agencies and corporations; no word on when it would be available to retail customers. - 14-Jan-2008

Detroit's Dilemma: The Future Isn't Now
The reality of the 2008 Detroit Auto Show is most of the vehicles at the show that will actually hit U.S. roads this year are gas hogs. - 14-Jan-2008