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California Sues EPA Over Greenhouse Gas Regulation
Fifteen states plan to intervene on California's behalf, including 13 of those that have either adopted or are in the process of adopting the rules. - 03-Jan-2008

ZEMship to Begin Navigation of Alster River in Germany
The heart of the new ‘Alster steamer’ is an innovative twin 50kW fuel cell hybrid drive from Proton Motor. - 03-Jan-2008

New York Luring Canadian EV-Makers
Companies considering moving south of the border from Canada to US include Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Co, Electrovaya and ice resurfacing machine maker. - 03-Jan-2008

Third Generation G-Wiz Electric Car Takes the Road
The G-Wiz i -- based on the Indian-built Reva -- has a certified top speed of 50mph, a range of up to 48 miles per charge and improved acceleration to 30mph. - 03-Jan-2008

Compact Power Awarded PHEV Battery Development Contract
United States Advanced Battery Consortium contract will be to develop batteries for 10-mile range plug-in hybrid vehicles. - 03-Jan-2008

German Cities Ban 'Dirty Old Cars', Paris Goes Electric
Berlin, Cologne and Hanover have set up 'environmental zones' in their downtown districts that will restrict auto access. - 03-Jan-2008

Nancy Gioia on Ford's Greener Future
Profile on Nancy Gioia, Ford's irector of sustainable mobility technologies and hybrid vehicle programs. - 03-Jan-2008

First Electric Airplane Flies the Alps
The AMPE group used a Souricette kit aircraft and adapted to it a 25-horsepower British-made golf car motor. The key to their pioneering flight on December 23 was the new generation of light lithium-polymer batteries. - 03-Jan-2008

Boston-Power Eyes Batteries for Plug-in Hybrids
Notebook battery maker now plans to move into making large format lithium-ion batteries that could be used in plug-in hybrid cars. - 04-Jan-2008

Scout Boats Launches Hybrid Model at New York Show
Priced at $17,121, Scout's Hybrid is just a few hundred dollars more expensive than a similar-sized traditional vessel. - 04-Jan-2008