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New Fuel Economy Law Promotes Plug-in Hybrid Cars
The idea is that if the cars had enough battery power to go 40 miles on a charge, without starting the engine, 78 percent of Americans could drive all week without using any gasoline at all. - 12-Jan-2008

Japanese Suppliers Increase Materials Production for Hybrids
Materials include battery separators and motor alloys. - 12-Jan-2008

AFS Trinity Unveils UltraCap-Battery Plug-in Hybrid
The idea behind the AFS Trinity is based on a widely accepted rule of thumb: the vast majority of drivers travel fewer than 40 miles a day. - 12-Jan-2008

Renault Nissan to Invest in Israeli Electric Car Project
Agassi plans to scatter charging stations throughout the countries that choose to join the ambitious project. Moreover, it would work together with local entrepreneurs in each area, and would also cooperate with car manufacturers, battery makers and private entrepreneurs. - 13-Jan-2008

Cute, $2500 PeoplesCar Could Be Environmental Disaster
The country's economic boom has spurred a car-buying frenzy, and India is set to become the world's largest auto market within a few decades -- reaching as many as 600 million units by 2050. That's more than twice as many cars as are currently registered in the United States. - 13-Jan-2008

What Indian Carmakers Can Learn from Grameen Cellphone Ladies
Imagine pollution-free electric-powered Tata Nanos linked by cellphone networks in renewable energy-powered carshare fleets across India. - 14-Jan-2008

Electric Cars Have Their Flaws, Too
Tom Watkins of Montpelier, VT likes the efficiency of electric cars, but has problem with the additional electric load they will create. - 13-Jan-2008

How To Build a Fast-Charging Electric Car Battery
Recharging an Altair Nanotechnology battery in an electric car can take as little as 10-minutes, but making this a reality depends on building out a network of high-voltage charging stations. - 13-Jan-2008

Who Needs Petroleum?
From electric cars to merchant ships pulled along by beluga Skysails, the world is finding cleaner ways to travel. - 13-Jan-2008

100 MPG Car is Motoring Concept with Legs
With oil prices predicted to hit $200 a barrel by 2010, a competition is under way to design an affordable family car that offers the magical 100 miles to the gallon, says Emma Smith - 13-Jan-2008