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Hybrid Cars Starting to Make Economic Sense
Should hybrid prices fall and petrol prices rise further, cost savings become more compelling for buyers in Australia. - 02-Jan-2008

How Cost Effective are Methanol Fuel Cells?
IdaTech's new 250 watt methanol fuel cell generator generates power at a rate that is 10 times higher than the normal price of AC power from your wall socket, it's reasonable for standby and field use. - 02-Jan-2008

Argonne Study Recognizes Benefits of Charge-Depletion Hybrids
Study finds that use of the fuel to serve a PHEV in CD mode would provide more kilometers of service than competing options evaluated. - 02-Jan-2008

Milan Drivers to Face Pace-setting Pollution Fee
Drivers must pay between 2 and 10 euros ($3-$15) during weekday daytime hours to drive in the congested inner city. - 02-Jan-2008

The Electric Car Conspiracy That Never Was
James Woudhuysen's take on Chris Payne's documentary, 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' - 03-Jan-2008

Paris Initiates Electric Vehicle Carshare Program
The city is looking at two possible new-generation electric vehicles: the Blue Car project and Cleanova II. - 02-Jan-2008

What's Your Consumption Factor?
The estimated one billion people who live in developed countries have a relative per capita consumption rate of 32, while the third world rate is 1. - 03-Jan-2008

Lake Placid Considers Hydrogen to Power Police Fleet
Hydrogen would become the fuel to power specially fitted police cars and replace costly gasoline. - 03-Jan-2008

Hydrogen: Future Fuel A Bit Nearer?
Power+Energy has modified it platinum-based catalyst to "purify" the hydrogen out of vaporized gasoline, diesel, biofuels, ethanol, or E85. - 03-Jan-2008

California V Carmakers in CO2 Emissions Fight
Arguments from both sides of the carbon dioxide debate. - 04-Jan-2008