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Thai, Indian Firms Launch Electric Bike Joint Venture
Nearly 13 million bicycles are sold in India every year and with a rise in consumer buying power, LA Sovereign sees the opportunity to use Western technology to offer electric models. - 10-Jan-2007

Toyota Develops Industry-first Fuel Cell Lift Truck
Maintenance is significantly lower than electric lift trucks, whose batteries must be periodically charged, refilled with water and replaced. - 10-Jan-2007

Ford Airstream Fuel Cell Headed for Production...
One of the first large-scale automotive applications of the fuel cell is about to roll out in forklifts used at distribution hubs handling merchandise for retail giant Wal Mart. - 10-Jan-2007

GM Hopes Volt Will Jolt the Market
'At one point in time, we needed high-strength steel. At another point, we needed microcircuits,' GM North American President Troy Clarke said. 'Now we need batteries. That's where we have to put our intellectual capital.' - 10-Jan-2007

American Carnakers Want Money for Electric Car Batteries
The suggestion to triple the money allocated for advanced battery research was sent to the White House in December, about a month after the heads of General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and the Chrysler Group met with President George W. Bush for an hour in the Oval Office. - 10-Jan-2007

Detroit Auto Show Focuses on the Future
General Motors Corp.'s plug-in, rechargeable electric-powered Chevrolet Volt is hogging a lot of attention during the show's media preview days this week. - 10-Jan-2007

Guangdong Authorities Issue Media Blackout on Electric Bicycle Lawsuit
A municipal ban on electric bicycles on Guangzhou roads including suburban areas such as Panyu, Conghua and Zengcheng came into effect on November 3, despite widespread community opposition. - 10-Jan-2007

Powering GM's Electric Vehicles
Recent advances in battery chemistry and systems design could lead to working prototypes by year's end. - 11-Jan-2007

StarTrans Dealers Sign with Hybrid-Drive Maker Azure Dynamics
Azure estimates that approximately 70% of the targeted shuttle bus market in the US and Canada is covered by this distributor network. - 11-Jan-2007

Phoenix Motorcars Orders More Altairnano Batteries
Altairnano Receives 16.6 Percent Ownership of Phoenix Motorcars - 11-Jan-2007