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Toyota Charges Up Hybrid Supercar
The FT-HS has an aggressive and purposeful exterior design which paves the way for the company's sports car future. - 11-Jan-2007

Bricklin Plans Plug-in Luxury Sedan From China
Visionary Vehicles will produce an upscale hybrid car that can get 100 miles to the gallon. - 09-Jan-2007

Honda Mulling Electric Plug-in Hybrids
While the company admits it is looking into the development of plug-in hybrids, it considers battery technology significant barrier to successful development. - 09-Jan-2007

How to Put a Cap on America's Oil Dependency
Raymond J. Learsy offers his two-proned attack on cutting America's oil addiction. - 09-Jan-2007

GM Embraces Plug-In Cars... Again
The Volt prototype adds another model to GM's $1 billion-plus gamble on unproven technology. - 09-Jan-2007

New Malibu to Offer Stop-Start Hybrid System
The hybrid version of the Malibu will have a belt alternator start system which enhances efficiency in stop-and-go driving by shutting off the engine at idle mode. - 09-Jan-2007

A Visionary Plugs Into the Electric Car Race
Besides Bricklin's intention to develop a plug-in electric hybrid, Carroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca are talking about developing a $10,000, 50 mpg vehicle. - 10-Jan-2007

GM Fights to Go 'Green' with Volt Concept Car
GM reports that the Volt will be superior to the deserted EV1 in a number of ways, including smaller batteries, more passenger room, faster battery charging, and higher top speeds on the highway. - 10-Jan-2007

Johnson Controls-SAFT Alliance Developing Advanced Electric Vehicle Batteries
Company gains contracts to develop and supply lithium-ion batteries for tomorrow's 'green' vehicles. - 10-Jan-2007

U.S. Automakers Request $500 Million Battery Subsidy
Since 1991, the U.S. government has subsidized battery research at the rate of about $25 million a year. - 10-Jan-2007