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Wal-Mart Completes Tests of Fuel Cell Palllet Trucks
The four-month long field trial included twelve rider pallet trucks that logged more than 18,500 hours of work and 2,100 indoor fueling occurrences by pallet truck operators. - 09-Jan-2007

Hydrogen: A Lot of Hot Air?
Author Darryl McMahon writes that a workable form of this alternative fuel is probably 50 years away. While the technology for vehicles might be ready sooner, development of the infrastructure is lagging. - 09-Jan-2007

Tesla Drops Hints of Next Electric Car
Targeted for the 2009 time frame, the electric sedan will boast the equivalent of 110 miles per gallon and will continue to use off-the-shelf lithium ion batteries. - 09-Jan-2007

So, GM, What Happen to the Fuel Cell Wonder Car?
The Street.com's Marek Fuchs asks why don't many of today's excited articles on the potential of the all-electric car mention the apparent disappearance of the hydrogen-powered car? - 09-Jan-2007

No Technical Show Stoppers for GM Electric Car
Car that gets over 200 kilometres a litre could be on sale by 2010. - 09-Jan-2007

Concept Cars Won't Solve Detroit's Problems
The attention grabbed by GM's new electric concept car conveniently distracts from another bad year for America's car giants. - 09-Jan-2007

Nissan May Sell Lithium-ion battery to Others
Nissan, in which Renault holds a 44 percent stake, is considering the venture with NEC to obtain technology to mass-produce batt. - 09-Jan-2007

Intellichoice Finds Hybrid Cars Save Money in Long Run
The hybrids with the biggest five-year savings after the Prius were the new Honda Civic sedan hybrid, the Toyota Highlander sport utility vehicle hybrid and the Ford Escape SUV hybrid. - 09-Jan-2007

Toyota Gears Up Hybrid Car Marketing Push
The campaign will include hybrid clinics at Toyota dealerships across the country, and displays at state fairs, science museums and other locations designed to reach a wider cross-section of car buyers. - 09-Jan-2007

Honda Primes the Hybrid Pump
Taking aim at Toyota, Honda readies a new hybrid car for the mainstream market. - 09-Jan-2007