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America Is Being Duped!
'The problem is the automotive industry has conned us 'green' citizens into thinking that hydrogen is the ONLY alternative,' writes Robert Chase, an engineering student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. - 08-Jan-2007

GM Tries EVs Again with Chevrolet Volt
The automaker tries again, announcing an electric-drive system that can be paired with gasoline generators or fuel cells. - 08-Jan-2007

Mazda Debutes 2008 Tribute Hybrid SUV
Tribute HEV will debut in mid-2007, as a 2008 model-year vehicle with pricing and production volumes to be announced closer to launch date. - 09-Jan-2007

Saab BioPower Hybrid Goes Fossil Fuel-Free
The Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept is capable of zero fossil fuel CO 2 emissions while also enhancing performance and reducing energy consumption. - 08-Jan-2007

GM Really Plans to Build Chevy Volt Electric Hybrid
'We're committed to doing this fast,' said Jon Lauckner, GM's vice president for global program management. - 09-Jan-2007

San Francisco Opens Newest Light Rail Line
The T-Third light rail line extends from the Visitacion Valley north to AT&T Park, about a five-and-a-half mile stretch. The area has been without rail service for decades. - 09-Jan-2007

Will GM Volt or Ford Airstream Ever Make it into American Garages?
GM, Ford continue to offer concepts without commitments, charges environmental group Rainforest Action Network. - 09-Jan-2007

U.S. Car Giants Launch Green Drive
The launch of the Volt comes as GM is under pressure over the cancellation of the EV-1 program in 2003, after just 1,100 vehicles were produced. - 09-Jan-2007

Microcell Develops 1kW Fuel Cell Core for Automotive Applications
According to Microcell, the fuel cell core - a cluster of small tube-like fuel cell units integrated with current collection and heat exchange systems - is based on the company's novel microfibre architecture. - 09-Jan-2007

Ford and Airstream Collaborate on Electric-drive Fuel-Cell Crossover
The motorhome - or 'crossover' - is powered by an advanced fuel cell system called HySeries Drive, which Ford claims is half the weight and cost of other fuel cells, and able to operate in extreme winter temperatures. - 09-Jan-2007