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Indian Defence Scientists Upgrade Reva Electric Car with Fuel Cell
Defence Research and Development's (DRDO) Naval Material Research Laboratory added a 1.8 kW phosphoric acid fuel cell to the Reva car in addition to the battery, adding an extra 40km to its 80km battery range. - 07-Jan-2007

New U.S. Congress Looks to Boost Alternate Fuels
Instead of heaping all their ideas into a behemoth energy bill like they did in 2005, this year's Congress looks poised to pursue energy legislation on a piecemeal basis. - 07-Jan-2007

Chevy Volt Plug-in Hybrid: CalCars Group Responds
16 Points about GM's Long-Awaited Breakthrough PHEVs - 08-Jan-2007

Plug-In America Applauds GM Decision to Develop New Electric Concept Car
GM is expected to be joined in its PHEV announcement when Toyota and Ford unveil their own PHEVs. - 08-Jan-2007

Can GM's Electric Car Go the Distance?
Hoping to catch up to Toyota, General Motors is unveiling the Chevy Volt concept car, a plug-in hybrid that runs on pure electricity. But will it actually hit the highway? - 08-Jan-2007

GM Hoping Drivers Get A Big Charge From Volt
The car, which the company plans to sell around the world when the battery technology is mature, will be capable of delivering the equivalent of 100 miles a gallon or more in urban driving. - 08-Jan-2007

Lithium Batteries For Hybrid Cars
Hybrid cars need to travel farther in electric-only mode, and that means lithium-ion battery technologies have a lot riding on them. - 08-Jan-2007

Saturn Aura Wins 2007 'Car of the Year' Award
Besides adding a Green Line mild hybrid version this Spring, GM will introduce its Two-mode Hybrid Drive into the vehicle in 2009, with a plug-in version to follow as battery technology permits. - 08-Jan-2007

Kubrick's '2001' Inspiration for Ford Airstream Plug-In Fuel Cell Concept Car
The concept, featured in video below, is powered by a plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell drivetrain that operates under electric power at all times. - 08-Jan-2007

Is Automaker Hybrid Buzz Just 'Vaporware'?
Industry analysts say automakers won't have significant numbers of alternative-energy vehicles -- hybrids, diesels and plug-ins -- for sale until well after the turn of the decade. - 08-Jan-2007