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Ford HySeries Drive Powers Airstream Plug-in HybridConcept Vehicle
The plug-in hybrid is powered by a 336-volt lithium-ion battery pack at all times and has a range of 25 miles on a full electric charge, with hydrogen fuel cell providing additional 280 miles of range. - 07-Jan-2007

Watt a Concept
One of the hundreds of wire stories on the new GM Volt range-extended electric car. - 08-Jan-2007

Look Who Just Revived the Electric Car
The Chevrolet Volt E-Flex concept electric car represents a marked shift at General Motors as the company tries to wrestle a reputation for high technology back from its archrival Toyota. - 07-Jan-2007

Buyer Interest in Hybrids Wanes As Fuel Prices Drop
Hybrid consideration is at 12%, and shoppers are willing to fork out only an additional $1,152 as opposed to the 30% consideration just one year ago. - 07-Jan-2007

Crunch Time for US Auto Industry
A hundred years after the first Motor Show opened in chilly Detroit, the climate has changed and heat is on the city's Big Three car makers. - 07-Jan-2007

Toyota FT-HS: Hybrid-electric Supra Successor?
A powerful V6, 3.5L-engine is coupled with a 21 st century sports hybrid system with a target power output of approximately 400-horsepower giving the FT HS 0-60 in under 4 seconds. - 07-Jan-2007

Silicon's Growing Role in Hybrid-Electric Cars
Excerpt from longer interview with Infineon president and CEO Wolfgang Ziebart reveals the surprising amount of silicon wafer that goes into the average hybrid vehicle. - 07-Jan-2007

Japan: Land of Rising Energy Conservation
The average household here used 4,177 kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2001, the most recent figure, according to the Jyukankyo Research Institute in Tokyo. In the same year, the average American household consumed more than twice that, or 10,655 kilowatt hours, according to the Energy Department. - 07-Jan-2007

EU to Issue Grim Climate Change Study
The report has a hopeful conclusion. A Belgian government study last year found that cutting carbon dioxide emissions in the EU by between 15 and 30 per cent between 1990 and 2020 would have no overall effect on jobs, as new ones would be created in high-technology sectors such as renewable energy. - 07-Jan-2007

Detroit Carmakers Push to be Greener
While U.S. automakers are offering more appealing cars and introducing more hybrids, executives feel consumers are slow to recognize their efforts. - 07-Jan-2007