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Colorado Studying Feasibility of Front Range Commuter Rail
The proposal could cost up to $9 billion and could be funded in part through a statewide sales tax increase and would see system reach from Casper to Albuquerque. - 06-Jan-2007

Ancient Global Warming Was Jarring, Not Subtle, Study Finds
From a planet whose landscape was buried in ice miles thick, the Earth convulsed into an ice-free world covered in drifts of wind-blown dust and sparse vegetation, in spasm after spasm of temperature shifts that rose and fell 7 to 18 degrees at a time. - 06-Jan-2007

New U.S. Energy Bill for 2007 Proposed
Energy Committee Chairman Bingaman's floor statement on S. 6, which addresses energy and climate issues. - 06-Jan-2007

Freedom From Oil Campaign Launched
Former Jumpstart Ford Campaign Now Challenging Entire Auto Industry to Create Jobs by Meeting 21st Century Demands for Fuel Efficient Cars - 06-Jan-2007

KPMG Study Finds SUV Sales Growth Grinding to Halt As Buyer Preferences Shift
89 percent of all auto industry respondents now feel that fuel efficiency will be an important factor in a consumer's purchasing decision, ranking it as the single most important factor - ahead of quality, safety, affordability and product design. - 06-Jan-2007

Bush Has No Choice
National security reasons have forced US President George W. Bush to deal with his country's dependence on oil. To succeed he must work together with countries like Sweden, says Alexander Karsner, assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy at the US Department of Energy. - 07-Jan-2007

Indian Government to Promote Hydrogen Vehicles
Benaras Hindu University has already tested 15 two-wheelers which use hydrogen as a fuel. - 06-Jan-2007

Toyota Turns Up Heat in Carmakers' Hometown
The company is also likely to unveil new hybrid petrol-electric cars, including early versions of a new hybrid sports car. - 06-Jan-2007

GM's E-Flex System Moves the Automobile Toward New Electric Age
The Chevrolet Volt uses a large battery and a small, 1L turbo gasoline engine to produce enough electricity to go up to 640 miles and provide triple-digit fuel economy. - 06-Jan-2007

Chevrolet Volt - GM's Concept Electric Vehicle - Could Nearly Eliminate Trip to Gas Station
The Volt can be fully charged by plugging it into a 110-volt outlet for approximately six hours a day. - 06-Jan-2007