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Freeway Air Pollution Damages Children's Lungs, Study Finds
Lifelong damage is found in 13-year study of 3,600 Southland youngsters living within 500 yards of a highway. - 27-Jan-2007

U.S. Motorists Driving Less
Americans cut miles driven for the first time since 1980. High prices are behind the change in transportation habits. - 27-Jan-2007

Battery Developers In High Demand in Detroit
Many see the holy grail as the lithium-ion battery, technology that powers many personal electronic devices and will make plug-in hybrids practical. - 27-Jan-2007

Ford's Downsizing Seen As Necessary Virtue
Ford's losses are also accelerating because of falling sales of its big S.U.V.'s and pickups and its inability to sell vehicles without offeringcostly rebates. - 27-Jan-2007

Hybrid Tax Credit Bait and Switch
You can't get the full $3,150 credit for purchasing a Toyota Prius unless your regular tax obligation exceeds your Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) obligation by at least that amount. - 27-Jan-2007

Ford Unveils Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle
Ford cut the fuel cell's size, weight and cost in half and said their approach would double the lifespan of the fuel cell's stack. - 27-Jan-2007

Interest Grows in Plug-in Hybrid Cars
Austin campaign spurs plans to get environmentally friendly cars built and sold in next five years. - 27-Jan-2007

Disabled Allowed To Ride Electric Scooters on New Jersey Roads
Under the new law, a disabled person wishing to ride a motorized scooter on a public road must get a handicapped identification sticker from the Motor Vehicle Commission. - 28-Jan-2007

Interest Sparked in Electric Cars All Over Bay Area
Xebras, which are made in China, come in lipstick red, the aforementioned black-and-white stripes, kiwi green and ocean blue. There's also a pickup truck version, the ZAP Truck Xebra PK, available in blue and white. - 28-Jan-2007

Electric Cars Sparking Interest of Consumers
If the Tesla Roadster is too expensive, the GEM too wimpy and the RAV4-EV too scarce, an alternative may soon be available that makes electric cars a possibility for almost any consumer: GM's concept plug-in electric hybrid, the Volt. - 28-Jan-2007