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End of the Road for Hydrogen
As we approach Peak Oil and petrol becomes more and more expensive, economies and cutting back on our travel will be the only solution. - 26-Jan-2007

DaimlerChrysler Builds First Fuel Cell-powered Firefighter Vehicle
The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District will operate the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell as a supervisor's vehicle in the Sacramento area. - 27-Jan-2007

Gas Substitutes Boost the Flex-fuel Car
Soon, alternative fuels might be made from corn, soybeans, and plant fiber - and new cars would be able to run on them. - 27-Jan-2007

Bush Energy Plan Is Off Track and Unrealistic
CTC's James Dunn gives is take on the president's 2007 State of the Union address and its energy plan. - 27-Jan-2007

New Platinum Alloy Promises Important Fuel Cell Breakthrough
Researchers at the US Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory have been working on the new development and are hopeful that the new discovery could be used to significantly boost fuel cell development. - 27-Jan-2007

German Company Reports Progress on Fuel-Cell Ship
Proton Power Systems, a German developer of hydrogen fuel-cell technology, said it expects the world's first fuel-cell powered ship to operate from the middle of 2008. - 27-Jan-2007

Energy Rhetoric and Reality
Federal research and development spending on energy has been in free fall for more than 20 years, notes the New York Times in this editorial. - 27-Jan-2007

California Regulators Vote to Prohibit 'Dirty' Power Purchases
While there are almost no coal-fired plants in California, about 20 percent of the state's electricity comes from coal plants in Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and other Western states. - 27-Jan-2007

Second Electric Car Fire Occurs in San Francisco Bay Area
Daimler Chrysler will bring out an investigator to examine the vehicle next week. - 27-Jan-2007

Clip, Clop.. Here Comes That Electric Car!
Pictured is Start Lab's Open Street model electric car. The company also offers several variants of it. - 27-Jan-2007