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Folding CityCar Links Transit to Home
Being co-developed by MIT and GM, the CityCar would be an electric commuter that is stackable. - 25-Jan-2007

Doubling Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Could Cut CO2 Emissions by 10 Percent
Coupled with changes in the way that agricultural lands are managed, doubling the fuel efficiency of our nation's vehicles seems a logical first step in balancing the carbon budget. - 26-Jan-2007

Battle Lines Drawn On Fuel Economy
While Congress is working to draft their own fuel efficiency bills, the Bush plan would also give automakers the ability to buy and sell fuel-efficiency credits among themselves, though the details have not been worked out. - 26-Jan-2007

Sun Valley Joins Climate Change Fight
The city seeks to promote transportation options such as bicycle trails and incentives for carpooling and public transit. - 26-Jan-2007

A123 Systems Receives $40 Million Investment
Funds to be used to expand product portfolio and scale manufacturing. - 26-Jan-2007

Austin Mayor Is Plug-In Hybrid Promoter
A joint project of Austin Energy and the city, Plug-In Partners has signed up some 508 groups across the nation - states, cities, municipalities, utilities, employers, and more - garnering more than 8,000 'soft' pledges to buy plug-in hybrids. - 26-Jan-2007

Washington D.C. Car Show Previews New Fuel Technologies
GM and Ford show off their electric, plug-in hybrid concept vehicles to government officials. - 26-Jan-2007

Nine Things to Consider Before Buying a Hybrid
If you're considering a hybrid, here's a primer to help understand the issues and what you might be getting for your money. - 26-Jan-2007

UN Climate Report to Shock the World
The IPCC will say it is at least 90 percent sure than human activities, led by the burning of fossil fuels, are to blame for global warming over the past 50 years, sources say. - 26-Jan-2007

Why Did Toyota Kill the Electric Car?
Mary Nickerson, national marketing manager for Toyota, has a different take. Customers didn't want it. - 26-Jan-2007