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Tesla to Sell Batteries to Th!nk Global
Ford's version of the Th!nk had 60-mile range, and the version coming out later this year will have a 110-mile range. - 25-Jan-2007

Nigerian Aliyu Designs Chevy Volt
It said that the car was developed by its lead designer 'a soft spoken native of Nigeria and 1994 alumni of CCS, Jelani Aliyu after a 10-month marathon sprint to bring the Volt to reality'. - 25-Jan-2007

Electric Cars Come Back to Life
On just the battery, Lohner-Porsche's 1899 electric hybrid car reportedly could travel 40 miles, an impressive figure even by today's standards. - 25-Jan-2007

Groups Petition DOE on Plug-In Hybrids
Friends of the Earth and the Center for Biological Diversity today made a major push for plug-in hybrid electric cars, petitioning the Department of Energy to allow federal and state agencies to purchase plug-ins and count them as alternative-fuel vehicles under the Energy Policy Act - 25-Jan-2007

iZip Electric Bikes Featured on Upcoming Episode of 'Living with Ed'
The bikes will make their debut appearance in Ed's new comedy TV show, 'Living with Ed' which broadcasts Sundays at 10pm ET/PT on HGTV. - 25-Jan-2007

ZAP Sign Exclusive Agreement for Advanced Lithium Battery Management System
ZAP says the new battery management system utilizes innovations in computerized microprocessors and intelligent chargers required to control the charging and discharging of large format lithium-ion batteries. - 25-Jan-2007

Bush's Energy Plan: A Reality Check
The plan for energy independence should also include: eliminating the gas guzzler loophole that promotes the use of SUVs, provide economic incentives for fuel-efficient diesel vehicles that would put them on par with hybrids, and provide money so that states and cities can upgrade their public transit infrastructure. - 25-Jan-2007

Biofuel Blindness
The great danger of the biofuels craze is that it will divert us from stronger steps to limit dependence on foreign oil: higher fuel taxes to prod Americans to buy more gasoline-efficient vehicles and tougher federal fuel economy standards to force auto companies to produce them, writes Washington Post columnist Robert J. Samuelson. - 25-Jan-2007

Nothing But the Oil Truth
The oil truth is now unfolding. Everything else was a charade for America as it quietly drafted Iraq's new oil law to enrich further Bush's and Cheney's oil buddies for the next 30 years, writes Yemeni political writer Munir Daair. - 25-Jan-2007

Bush's Dangerous Energy Proposal
Moving too quickly on alternative fuels could backfire, says one expert on ethanol fuels. - 25-Jan-2007