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Ford Unveils World's First Drivable Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Plug-in Capability
The Ford Edge with HySeries Drive can travel at speeds of up to 85 mph. An on-board charger (110/220 VAC) can refresh the battery pack when a standard home outlet is available, making the concept a true plug-in hybrid. - 24-Jan-2007

Company Announces It Is Developing Low-Cost Hydrogen Production System
Using this new technology, the cost of producing hydrogen could drop below $2 per kg, which is the DOE threshold to make hydrogen competitive with established energy sources. - 24-Jan-2007

Mitsubishi to Build Lithium Ion Car Batteries
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aims to start mass production of lithium ion batteries for cars in 2010, Japan's largest machinery maker said Tuesday. - 24-Jan-2007

Montreal Auto Show Features Greener Alternatives
Hybrids, not electrics, will be vehicles of choice as North Americans cut fuel consumption, believes Quebec-based Cleanova. - 24-Jan-2007

UK Insurers Blow Hot and Cold on Eco-Car Coverage
An analysis of so-called 'green' motor insurance by price comparison website moneysupermarket.com, reveals drivers face fast-changing premiums. - 24-Jan-2007

Hybrid Car Puchases on the Rise in Israel
In 2006, 381 hybrid cars were purchased in Israel, up from 130 in 2005, and only 10 in 2004. - 24-Jan-2007

Ford Debuts Electric Plug-In Hybrid Crossover Vehicle
The Edge crossover concept vehicle could go the first 25 or 30 miles each day on energy from the power grid. - 24-Jan-2007

Recharging the Nation's Energy Policy
The remaining question is whether the federal government will do all it responsibly can to accelerate the day when flexible-fuel, plug-in, electric hybrid vehicles roll off assembly lines in the United States. - 24-Jan-2007

UN Report: Wrenching Climate Changes Ahead
The system is telling us an internally consistent story -- you can't explain the observed changes... in the climate system over the second half of the 20th century by invoking natural causes. - 25-Jan-2007

'Glossy' EU Rail Projects Ignore Needed Suburban Rail Service
Hans Rat, secretary-general of the International Association for Public Transport (UITP) , said that the EU focused much too much on 'glossy' trans-European projects, such as high-speed trains. He stressed that it needed to re-direct its attention towards regional projects that play a 'decisive role' for the revitalisation of cities and the improvement of public transport services. - 25-Jan-2007