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Electric Car Has Long History in Vancouver
Originally owned by Dr. Cecil and Mrs. Florence French of Victoria, the 1912 Detroit has been hanging around B.C. since 1913. - 23-Jan-2007

In 'Green' Car Race, GM Still Lags Behind Japan
Perhaps the biggest indicator that Japanese carmakers are poised to stay in the lead is that a breakthrough in Li-ion battery technology -- vital if the Volt is to get off the ground -- is expected to happen in Japan. - 23-Jan-2007

Chrysler's LaSorda Sees First Hybrid Truck Available in 2007
Interview with Chosun Ilbo reveals automaker's overseas plans for 2007 and launch of first hybrid model, the Durango, as well. - 23-Jan-2007

Minnesota Group Sees Opportunity to Lead in Plug-in, Electric Hybrid Development
Panel discussion raised hopes of the state of Minnesota and the University joining forces to become a leader in plug-in hybrid automobile technology. - 23-Jan-2007

Bush to Call for Sharp Cuts in Gasoline Use
The president is proposing to set the amount of ethanol and other alternative fuels that must be blended into the fuel supply at 35 billion gallons by 2017. - 23-Jan-2007

Saudis and Others Dump U.S. Gov't Securities As Oil Prices Tumble
Only Japan, China and the U.K. own more Treasuries than the 12-OPEC nations, according to Treasury data released last week. - 23-Jan-2007

Electric Bike Boom in Holland
If the 60 percent plus in sales also continues during the rest of the year, then 2006 total sales of electric bikes in Holland will run up to about 55,000 units, compared to 34,000 in 2005. - 24-Jan-2007

The Ford HySeries Fuel Cell Hybrid is the 'Sleeper' of 2007 NAIAS
Unlike internal combustion engines,the maximum power output for fuel cells makes an exponential difference in the cost of the fuel cell. Reducing the maximum power output required from the fuel cell is one of the major cost savings in this approach. - 24-Jan-2007

China Proposes Tax Changes to Boost Fuel-efficient, Clean Cars
As part of 'carrot and stick' approach, punitive taxes will be imposed on those cars that fail to meet the fuel consumption standard. The taxes may be in the form of consumption tax and car purchase tax or in other forms. - 24-Jan-2007

US Energy Dept. Announces $17 Million to Promote Greater Automobile Efficiency
$14 million cost-shared solicitation for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery development aims to improve battery performance so that plug-in hybrid vehicles can deliver the 40 miles of electric range required for most roundtrip daily commutes. - 24-Jan-2007