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EEStor: Battery Breakthrough?
A Texas company says it can make a new ultracapacitor power system to replace the electrochemical batteries in everything from cars to laptops. - 22-Jan-2007

New York City Wants to Ban Electric Pedicabs
Of the 500 pedicabs working the streets, roughly 20 percent use electrical assist, advocates say, but that number has steadily increased because the motors allow drivers to make more money and work longer. - 23-Jan-2007

Irish Green Party Promise Light Rail System
System would require an additional 56 km of track and provide service in Cork and Galway, was well as extend Dublin nextwork. - 23-Jan-2007

EU Mulls Mandatory Emission Limits on Cars
Only Fiat, Citroen, Renault, Ford and Peugeot are on track to meet the target. Volkswagen - Europe's biggest selling car brand - was singled out for its poor performance in an October 2006 study by the European Federation for Transport and Environment. - 23-Jan-2007

Bush Speech Seen Promoting Ethanol, Efficiency, Technology
An analyst at brokerage firm Friedman Billings Ramsey said he believes the Bush administration has been increasingly accepting the relationship between hydrocarbon combustion and climate change. But any shift in climate-change policy will continue to be gradual. - 23-Jan-2007

Western Australia Joins International Fuel Cell Drive
The aim of the international working group is to have hydrogen-fuelled buses operating full time by 2008. - 23-Jan-2007

Danish Gov't Backs Hydrogen Economy Future
Funding for research and development in the energy industry will be ramped up to $160 million annually under the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Strategy as part of a broader effort to use cleaner power. - 23-Jan-2007

Business Smells the Whiff of Money in Climate Change
Climate change is set to dominate discussions this week at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, where some 900 company chief executives and board chairmen are expected to rub shoulders with 24 heads of state. - 23-Jan-2007

Hydrogen-Powered Lawmowers Coming?
The Princeton University-designed system is ideal for small internal combustion engines that lack emissions controls and are highly polluting. - 23-Jan-2007

Former Canadian Governor General Leads Oil, Gas Study Group
Edward Schreyer and a distinguished panel of opinion leaders have formed the Canadian chapter of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. - 23-Jan-2007