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Bricklin's Latest: Plug-in Hybrids
Visionary Vehicles plans to build a prototype in the United States and field a product line that would begin with a $25,000 to $35,000 midsize sedan and grow to include a crossover vehicle and a hardtop convertible. - 22-Jan-2007

GM Places Bets on Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Automaker names engineer to develop long-lasting, safe batteries for the cars - 22-Jan-2007

Ford Looking for Gov't Help to Replace Old Vehicles, Add New Fuels
With a number of old, polluting vehicles ploughing on the roads, the possible solution could be a co-operation between the government, oil companies and car manufacturers to replace old models and provide new fuels, says Dr Haren Gandhi, Henry Ford Technical Fellow at the Ford Motor Company. - 22-Jan-2007

DRDO Creates Fuel Cell, Plug-In Hybrid from Reva Electric Car
Operating like a plug-in, serial hybrid, the 1.8kWh phosphoric acid fuel cell continuously charges the battery and helps extend the vehicle's range while allowing it to be operated in places where electricity is not readily available. - 22-Jan-2007

Fuel Cell Challenge Targets Forklifts
Hydrogenics, an Ontario, Canada-based company that makes hydrogen and fuel cell systems, and LiftOne, a division of Charlotte-based Carolina Tractor, have teamed up for the demonstration project. - 22-Jan-2007

Dubai Hosts UAE's Inaugural Global Climate Change Conference
Former President of Costa Rica and former CEO of the World Economic Forum, H.E. Jose-Maria Figueres will be the keynote speaker at the inaugural UAE Global Climate Change Conference, dedicated to global climate change. - 22-Jan-2007

PGE CEO on California Low Carbon Fuels Initiative
Oped by Tom King, the chief executive of Pacific Gas and Electric. - 22-Jan-2007

Falling Oil Prices Prove Peak Oil Wrong
Oil production has been rising steadily, to the point where even a substantial cut of 1.6 million barrels/day by Saudi Arabia has failed to stem the slide in prices. - 22-Jan-2007

Electric Vibes for a Car That Can't Be Built
As cool as the Chevrolet Volt is, the technology does not exist to make it happen, writes Sentinel Automotive Editor Steven Cole Smith. - 22-Jan-2007

Will Detroit Finally Heed George Romney's 1959 Advice?
According to an Associated Press story, most auto executives expect sales of hybrids and low-cost, fuel efficient autos will exceed sales of SUVs, pickups and luxury models. - 22-Jan-2007