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Miles Motors to Introduce High Speed Electric Car
At the National Auto Dealers Association convention here in February, California-based importer Miles Automotive expects to unveil a prototype of its latest Chinese electric car. - 19-Jan-2007

Co-Gen: The Key To Fuel Cell Commercialization
Fuel cells can have electrical efficiencies between 40 to 49 percent, while their competitors have electrical efficiencies of 30 to 35 percent. Moreover, when in a cogeneration mode, fuel cell systems can reach electrical efficiencies of 80 to 85 percent. - 20-Jan-2007

Plug Power, Vaillant To Develop Co-Gen Fuel Cell
The grant money will be used to develop three prototypes, known as high temperature combined heat and power proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems. - 20-Jan-2007

Millennium Cell Develops On-Demand Hydrogen Cartridge Manufacturing Capability
The cartridges will provide the hydrogen fuel for Jadoo's XRT Extended Runtime Accessories targeted for use with emergency responders, Homeland Security and other 'off-grid' power support applications in Columbia, South Carolina. - 20-Jan-2007

One Word for Autos: Plastics
Insiders say the auto industry is headed towards a greater utilizatio of super-strong, light-weight plastics, but only slowly because they say the materials cost too much for mass-produced vehicles, and widespread use is years, if not decades, away. - 20-Jan-2007

GM Turn-around?
The prospects for the world's biggest carmaker have dramatically improved. - 20-Jan-2007

Kansas City Light Rail Funding a Marathon
Besides having to deal with right-of-way issues, it will take at least eight to 10 years for Kansas City to secure federal financing for a light-rail line. - 20-Jan-2007

Creating Ethanol from Trash
Researchers find a way to make liquid fuels from waste cheaply and without the pollution produced by earlier methods. - 20-Jan-2007

More California Lawmakers Driving 'Green'
With Nunez at the forefront, more state legislators choose hybrids as official vehicles. They're statement cars now, an image consultant says. - 20-Jan-2007

GM's Electric Auto Will Need a Leap of Science
Columnist Doron Levin remains skeptical -- as do others -- that lithium ion is ready for use in tomorrow's electric cars. - 20-Jan-2007